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How do I learn English?

My name is Iman. And complete name is Nuriman. That was a name my fadher gave me at the time I was born in this world. I am the 4th child. I have two brothers and one sister. I love my family so much.

At this first post, let me talk about the method I learn English. I don't tell you that I am an expert in English. I just share my methods in get fluent in English. But again, I don't say that I am a fluent speaker in English. I just want to share, remember SHARE! No more or less than that.

I'have been interested in learning English since I was in the 2d class in High School. It began from my hobby to surfe the internet. Why am I interested? Because I want to surfe all around the world without experience any places in the world. Just have the internet, we sort of holding the world.

Have you ever seen how people get smarter because internet? Yah, you would say "A lot!". In terms of learn English. Many people get better English by absorbing western or English country just have some chat, listening and watching the movies.

Even we could not have all of them directly, we can still adopt it. Remember when you were still a baby, how you could speak fluent your own language? Nothing to do except listening to your mam or dad. And during day by day you try to speak up everythin they say. That thing something that I want to apply in my day. How I can get English in a nature way.

Are you is the one who struggling to get English better by entering any of English class or courses? If you are, that a good choice. It will help you. But, you know what, that language is not something we must be learned. Why, we get back again to the baby case. Have you ever seen them learn grammar book, or remember when you learning yor own language you have ever tried to open up the grammar book or to lern it?

So, the key is immerse yourself to English! At least you can absorb them by their culture. It the most powerfully method I've ever done. I can write this article just by immerse my day in English. I am not very consern about making any mistakes. Because language is a tool not a math test.

The most important in talks is, you get the idea from your partner, isn't it? So, don't worry about grammar buddies. Language created as a tool to communicate with each other. You make mistakes because it's not your language. The native speaker would proud of you if you just get the meaning and you can express your idea till theay can reach it.

Finally, from now, I will share what everythin I do to get my English better. Everything! For the next post, I will show you what method source for learn English from the intenet. I know in internet there a lot. But, why not to try mine? Right? Ok.. I'll see you at the next post! Cheers... !!!

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